Quan Advisors: M&A and Corporate Finance

Quan Advisors, a member firm of SCS-Invictus, offers a comprehensive set of financial advisory services across all sectors. Our corporate finance professionals are located in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and India (joint venture with CCI). Quan Advisors is also a member of M&A Worldwide, a leading international network of boutique advisors and collaborates with Nihon M&A center.

We have significant experience in executing and supporting our clients to do cross border transactions. We are independent and take pride in providing unbiased advisory, based on factual analyses with quick, flexible and dedicated teams.

M&A Advisory

  • Screening of potential targets or buyers
  • Valuation and transaction structuring
  • Transaction support in acquisitions and divestments of private and public companies, or their parts
  • M&A process management, deal negotiation and execution support


  • Fundraising – private equity, venture capital and private placements
  • IPO and secondary listing support
  • Acquisition financing
  • Refinancing

Other Services

  • Industry analyses and research studies
  • Corporate turnaround analyses and restructuring support
  • Liquidation and exiting
  • Fairness opinions

Financial Due Diligence

  • Evaluation of profitability, financial condition, assets, liabilities and cash flows
  • Assessment and search of unrecorded liabilities, under accruals and off balance sheet items
  • Analysis of adopted accounting standards and restatement of financial to IFRS or USGAAP

Our Corporate Finance Professionals

  • Mr. Kenichi Shohtoku: shohtoku@quanadvisors.com
  • Mr. Alvin Yap: alvin_yap@quanadvisors.com