SCS-Invictus has helped numerous companies to expand and enter into new markets, improve their efficiency and analyse risks. Our experienced and well trained professionals draw upon a range of industry knowledge and completed assignments. Please find below brief descriptions of our typically performed consulting services.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Whether looking at a whole country or a specific industry we can help to analyse the underlying trends, competitors, consumer behaviour and overall dynamics. We take a data driven approach supplemented with necessary field studies and other research. If necessary, we work together with external professionals and consultants to provide the most useful information to our clients. In our feasibility studies we also take into account the client’s business model and focus on informing the advantages and disadvantages of different entry strategy and structure and develop a practical recommendation based on our analyses.

Joint Venture Structuring

If there is a need to set up a joint venture for entering into a new country or solidifying the current position, our experts can provide a 360-degree service in the process. We start from identifying the potential candidates and analysing their credibility and fit, and end with setting up of the needed entities and preparation of joint venture agreements.

Expansion Support

During the phase when our clients are expanding their business by making significant investments or hiring new teams of employees, we can assist them with analysing the potential returns, providing information on local regulation and giving the latest updates on government grants and incentives. In addition, SCS-Invictus has been a crucial member in many of our clients’ expansion projects overseeing the progress, helping in needed applications, implementation and communication to headquarters.

Regional HQ set ups

Our team has handled more than 20 cases of setting up regional headquarters for multi-national companies in Singapore and Hong Kong to manage their operations in APAC region or ASEAN countries.

Risk Management Consulting

We assist on risk identification and quantification, implementation of internal controls and testing of implemented controls. In addition, we can provide assistance in internal audits and forensic investigations in cases where there may be a possibility of fraud, manipulation, over/under statements.

We are flexible to respond to clients’ requests and can also provide our resources to assist clients’ internal teams. These services are conducted in accordance with requirements from Sarbanes-Oxley Act and similar regulations in Japan and other countries.

Restructuring, Recovery and Liquidation

We have experience in helping underperforming companies to restructure and turnaround their businesses whether caused by market conditions, over-leverage or operational issues. We listen to management’s concerns, analyze the financial position, evaluate the potential of operational capabilities/improvement and then provide guidance and support execution of the taken actions.

We also offer liquidation services from asset recovery to optimized sale of assets in case of insolvency. SCS-Invictus has a number of specialists in liquidation related accounting, investigation, and process management.