SCS-Invictus Structure and Network Governance

SCS-Invictus is the brand under which hundreds of dedicated professionals in separate firms provide professional services. These firms form the SCS-Invictus network.

Each SCS-Invictus member firm has its own partners and provides services in a particular geographic area. Moreover, the firms are structured differently in accordance with national laws, regulations, customary practice, and other factors, and may secure the provision of professional services through subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or other entities. Each SCS-Invictus member firm is liable for their own acts or omissions and not those of others.

SCS-Invictus member firms maintain a supportive environment which is overseen by SCS-Invictus Holdings Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore. All members are committed to deliver quality services with emphasis on integrity and act ethically to serve all of the clients.