SCS-Invictus in Brief

SCS-Invictus is an international group of advisory & professional services firms founded in 2002. We are an independent and result driven organisation, committed to provide practical, value-added and quality services. Our expertise stems from our seasoned partners and a key group of employees who have prior experience in BIG Four, other consultancy companies, banks & other financial institutions.

SCS-Invictus provides services such as:

  • Assurance
  • Consulting
  • Incorporation, accounting & other outsourced support
  • M&A and corporate finance
  • Tax compliance

We have around 250 own professionals working in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and US. Our network is complemented by joint ventures and strategic alliances bringing the total headcount of available resources to over 1,500. The pool of talent and our operating philosophy help us to provide seamless solutions across the globe.

Deriving from our multicultural background, we also offer our services in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia and other local languages.

Our clientele ranges from SMEs to large MNCs and includes companies from various industries and countries. SCS-Invictus continues to be a trusted partner for our growing customer base of over 2000 clients.